Home Educator Day, 11th November

Home Educator Day, Monday 11th November 2019.

A chance for home educated children to spend the day at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, and celebrate the transit of Mercury!

  • – On 11th November, we are taking bookings for some of our education workshops.
  • – There are six itineraries available (A-F), each including two of our interactive science workshops.
  • – Please book onto the itineraries that are most appropriate for the ages of your children. We have provided some mixed age sessions for those that have different aged children in their group
  • – Participants will also have full access to the Discovery Centre exhibitions during the day!
  • – If you have any issues or questions, please give us a call on 0161 306 9520 or email us.


Children Adults Under 4s
£9 £4.50 £0.50

Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre Annual Pass holders get 10% off! (see below for more details)

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Book Tickets

  • – Please use the options and ‘Book Here’ links below to book places for children and any responsible adults who will be taking part in the workshops.
  • – If other people want to come on the day, but they don’t want to attend any workshops, they can book admission-only tickets here, or pay on arrival.
  • – People with admission-only tickets will not be permitted into the workshops – this is because there is limited capacity in our education spaces.
Itinerary Recommended Ages First Workshop Second Workshop Booking
Group A 4-7 11:00 Inflatable Planetarium 13:30 Journey to the Moon SOLD OUT
Group B 7-11 11:00 Solar System Science 14:00 Destination: Space! BOOK HERE
Group C 7-11 12:00 Solar System Science 14:00 Desintation: Space! BOOK HERE
Group D 4-14 (Mixed age group) 11:00 Mars Rover Challenge 13:00 Inflatable Planetarium SOLD OUT
Group E 4-14 (Mixed age group) 11:00 Mars Rover Challenge 14:00 Inflatable Planetarium BOOK HERE
Group F 14+ 12:00 Inflatable Planetarium 15:00 Science of Jodrell Bank BOOK HERE

Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre Annual Pass holders: Use the code ANNUALPASS at the checkout, and bring your annual pass along with you to the event to get your 10% discount!

Further Home Educator Days

  • We will be running two further home educator days on Wednesday 29th January & Friday 12th June. More details will be released closer to the time!

Terms & conditions

  • Pre-booking online is essential if you want to participate in the day’s workshops.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Each itinerary has limited capacity – you will only be able to attend the workshops you have booked on to.
  • Children aged 11 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult during their workshops.
  • Please note our car park charges will apply. Please pay for these on arrival.

More information

  • Workshops last 50 minutes to an hour.
  • It is important that you arrive on time for your workshops if you wish to participate. We are anticipating being fully booked on the day, which means we will not be able to accommodate individuals who miss their booked workshop times.
  • For the remainder of the day you are free to explore our interactive galleries. Please note this time will be self-guided; we do not provide tour guides. Our expert staff will be on hand in the galleries to answer your questions.
  • To help guide you around our exhibitions, you can download and print off worksheets that can be filled in as you go around.
  • The Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre is open from 10am until 5pm.
  • Whilst on site, all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Indoor picnic areas will be available for you to eat any packed lunches brought on the day.
  • The Planet Café will be open to purchase food and drink from 10am until 4:30pm.
  • If any attending children in your party have any special educational needs that we need to be aware of, please let us know by emailing us here.
  • There will be a quiet space available on the day should any participants require it.
  • Please read our visit preparation information, for more details of what to expect on the day.

Workshop descriptions

Inflatable Planetarium (groups A, D, E & F)

Let our presenter guide you around the night sky in our Inflatable Planetarium! You’ll discover what can be seen in the night sky at the moment, including some of the seasonal constellations and planets. The content of the session will depend on the age of the group, with group F also looking at deep sky objects, such as nebulae and distant galaxies. Please note this workshop is a dark and quiet environment and involves sitting on the floor for the duration.

Journey to the Moon (group A)

In this workshop your learners will discover more about the incredible journey of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, in 1969. Interactive elements in this workshop include learners deciding what items to pack for space, plus making their own paper rockets to take home!

Solar System Science (Groups B & C)

In this hands-on and engaging workshop, learners complete a series of experiments which explore a variety of science concepts, each linked to the Solar System. Experiments include: exploring the strength of gravity on different planets, investigating the brightness of sunlight throughout the Solar System, testing the pH of sand like a Mars rover, and performing a series of tests to identify a real meteorite!

Destination: Space! (groups B & C)

In this interactive workshop, you will learn about British astronaut Tim Peake and his mission to the International Space Station. You’ll learn some of the key skills needed to be not only an astronaut, but a scientist or engineer working in the space industry. After some mission training and an exciting rocket demonstration, the hands-on mission activities begin!

Mars Rover Challenge (groups D & E)

In this hands-on, team-building workshop, you’ll learn about the exploration of Mars by the current Curiosity rover, along with the engineering challenges in landing crafts on another planet. In teams you must then construct a device out of limited resources, to safely land your own fragile cargo! (Please note this workshop makes use of balloons and eggs).

Science of Jodrell Bank (group F)

In this workshops learners will discover how there came to be a giant radio telescope in the middle of Cheshire. They’ll find out about some of the research our astronomers are conducting, plus we’ll answer the age-old question; ‘what has astronomy ever done for me’? Learners will find out how a telescope works, and test their problem-solving skills in our ‘laser telescope challenge’, they will be introduced to the EM spectrum with an infrared camera demonstration, as well as look at some real astronomical data from our radio telescopes.

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