Home Educators

Jodrell Bank, with its mind-blowing research and inspirational stories of pioneering scientists, is an ideal location to enthuse children with the wonders of scientific discovery.

Home educators are welcome to visit throughout the year. If coming as a group of 15 learners or more you can book onto a formal education session; please contact us at 0161 306 9690 or at jodrelleducation@manchester.ac.uk

For smaller groups and individual families, you can book to join a formal education session. Please note these sessions take place in an auditorium; audience size up to 140. Bookings will open on 1st December 2023.

Making a standard visit? Our educational worksheets can support your visit while you look round our exhibitions and are linked to National Curriculum Key Stages.

Key Stage 1 Worksheets

Key Stage 1 Answers

Key Stage 2 Worksheets

Key Stage 2 Answers

Key Stage 3 Worksheets

Key Stage 3 Answers

Key Stage 4 Worksheets

Key Stage 4 Answers

A-Level Worksheets

A-Level Answers

We offer ‘Relaxed Early Opening’ sessions monthly; find out more here .