We’re all Earthlings here!


We want to make Space for Everyone! Our community work reaches out across a range of ages, backgrounds and experiences. Here’s just some of our work…

Jodrell Juniors

How do we pass on that spark of inspiration to the next generation? Teach them how to do it too!

Jodrell Juniors is an innovative engagement programme that aims to empower children to share their love of science with their friends and peers.

In 2019, children in Year 5 from Stanley Grove Primary Academy came to Jodrell for a school trip with a difference. As well as enjoying the usual activities on offer, they would also be given the chance to become a ‘Jodrell Junior’ – a science engagement trainee!

Following up their visit with a series of sessions at their school, our team equipped them with a range of new skills and confidence so they could go on to create their own science engagement sessions for the rest of their school.

Space 4 Autism

At Jodrell Bank we believe that Science should be accessible for all. That’s why we are committed to providing an unforgettable, inclusive and universally fun day out.

Space4Autism is a local charity that supports over 4000 people living with Autism spectrum conditions. Through this wonderful partnership, we have worked hard to recognise the challenges that people living with autism face, whilst also implementing measures to ensure a welcoming experience.

“It’s been wonderful to be able to work with Jodrell Bank over the past 12 months, they have listened and taken note of the feedback our members have given, to make their site more inclusive for people with Autism. Thank you so much for choosing Space4Autism to work on this partnership it’s been fantastic”.

Cheryl Simpson at Space4Autism

Community Tickets

Every year, Jodrell Bank offers hundreds of free tickets to those that would ordinarily not be able to afford a visit to us. Thanks to our wonderful partner organisations including: Tempo, New Leaf, Cheshire Young Carers, and Wood Street Mission, we are able to offer more moments of wonder for even more people.

The scheme is supported by our existing visitors and kind donors including Stowe Family Law. It’s simple, when you’re buying a ticket for yourself, why not add one on for someone else? We’ll share that ticket with someone who would benefit from it, helping to pass on that spark of inspiration to others.

Anyone can support our Community Tickets Scheme by donating the cost of a single concession ticket.