What’s On?


Meet the Expert

Curious about the cosmos? Meet an expert who will welcome you to their science and blow your mind.
22 Oct, 202230 Oct, 2022

Journey through the Night Sky

Bottoms on seats, head in the stars, stare into space and be guided through the night sky during our traditional Dome Shows. 
22 Oct, 202230 Oct, 2022

We are Stars

This immersive show takes you on an exciting journey to discover our cosmic origins through use of amazing animation.
22 Oct, 202230 Oct, 2022

Telescope Walking Tours

Jodrell Bank is famous for its big dish. Find out why and what it does.
22 Oct, 202230 Oct, 2022

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Be blown away by the stunning images in this year’s Astonomy Photography of the Year exhibition from The Royal Observatory Greenwich.
22 Jan, 202231 Dec, 2022