This section brings together the very latest posts related to scientific developments, heritage and cultural activities here at Jodrell Bank.


As the Summer holidays draw to a close and Autumn appears just around the corner, we’re taking the opportunity to look back over the last year, and to look forward to the future.

After a two year hiatus, the much-loved bluedot festival is set to return to Jodrell Bank on 21-24 July 2022 and the team have today announced an unmissable Björk performance as the Sunday night headline act.

This summer, 50 of Cheshire’s young carers visited Jodrell Bank for free thanks to supporters of our Community Tickets scheme.

As kids are getting ready to jet off back to school, we’ve put together an out-of-this-world shopping guide to help them prepare for launch.

We’re delighted to be able to fully re-open The Planet Cafe at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre and are thrilled to launch a brand new menu full of fresh, local and sustainable produce.

Over the summer we’ll be taking the time to give the Lovell Telescope some well-deserved TLC. During the next 8 weeks, a range of essential maintenance works will be carried out on the famous structure, including cleaning, welding, and painting.

29 June, 2021

We’re Recruiting!

Looking for a new role? It’s a great time to join the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre and we’re currently recruiting 3 fantastic new opportunities.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich’s hugely popular Astronomy Photographer of the Year is now on show at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, celebrating the very best in astrophotography from around the world…

Our First Light Pavilion is nearly complete – the building at least, there is still an exhibition to create! – and we are starting to see the ideas that we talked about, well over 10 years ago, become real….

Every year we welcome students from The University of Manchester to join our team and work with us on key projects. Work placements provide a unique opportunity to enhance post-graduate study with real-world experience and are a chance for students to contribute to the Discovery Centre’s ongoing development.