Famous for our Big Dishes*

*And sandwiches, snacks, treats and drinks


First Light Cafe

CLOSED from 6 – 18 December
Open weekends only from 27th December 2022 – 13th February 2023

Planet Cafe
Open Tuesdays- Sundays

Both cafes will be open as normal on the 28th 29th 30th 31st December 2nd Jan.

Time for a nice relaxing cup of tea…

Visit our new First Light Cafe in our stunning new building or pop by The Planet Cafe for a view of the mighty Lovell Telescope. Enjoy some delicious food and drink, with options for children and a variety of dietary requirements.

At Jodrell Bank, someone decided it was time for a nice relaxing cup of tea.

From The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Our Suppliers

Nice Buns Bakery is a specialist family run bakers in nearby Stockport. They freshly bake all our nice buns -teacakes, barms, tray bakes and scones.

H.M. Pasties (pictured) was set up to ‘bring out the good inside’ by employing ex-offenders to make and sell handmade pasties and pies. The social enterprise was born in 2018 with support from the Big Lottery Fund, Forward Trust and the Santander Foundation.

All our milk is provided by the gorgeous Bidlea herd at the dairy down the road. By partnering with this lovely local farming family (pictured), we’ve cut food miles and plastic bottles. Plus, our milk is as fresh as the day!

Royle’s is our cheery local butchers over in Macclesfield. They provide the meat for our breakfast barms including their own special recipe Manchester sausages – highly recommended!