Community and Culture

The First Light at Jodrell Bank project will be underpinned by a wealth of community and public engagement activity with a focus on recognising, sharing and celebrating the unique heritage of Jodrell Bank.

At its core, the First Light project is all about connecting the widest range of people with the science and heritage of Jodrell Bank and to provide opportunities for people through activities, involvement, learning and engagement.

Through our activity programme we will endeavour to enrich the story that we tell, reflecting our values of integrity and inclusivity whilst retaining our famous sense of fun and friendliness to invoke curiosity, and to empower.

New dedicated education spaces and an enhanced formal learning programme will open up an additional 6,000 school visits per year and more learning opportunities will be made available for home educators, uniformed groups and pupils with special needs. Creating new opportunities for young people to learn vital skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking and perseverance – imperative to a career in science but also important life lessons.

Meanwhile, a new volunteering programme will offer members of the community more ways to participate and share  in the stories of Jodrell Bank.

A thriving public events series that builds on our current work, and includes evening lectures, behind the scenes tours, family stargazing nights, workshops, local history sessions, cultural events, arts activities, festivals and more, will provide visitors with a wealth of memorable cultural experiences.

We will continue to invite young audiences by the provision of unusual and unique experiences (as at our bluedot festival), utilising the spaces created by the project to deliver an innovative programme fusing art, heritage and science.

Image: The Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band at the 2017 Bluedot Festival. The University of Manchester