Science Learning At Home

Jodrell Bank Observatory is the UK’s latest UNESCO World Heritage Site and an icon for British science and engineering. For the last 75 years, the pioneering scientists and researchers at Jodrell Bank have been at the forefront of our quest for understanding, and at the heart of ground-breaking discoveries and world-leading research.

Jodrell Bank is also a national centre for excellence in public engagement and its award-winning Discovery Centre prides itself on delivering an important programme of educational services to a wide range of people and communities.

While our public facilities may be temporarily closed, we continue to work behind the scenes and Jodrell Bank remains a site of live scientific research. Over the coming weeks and months, we will strive to engage and inspire the public with the science and stories of this important site by sharing a wealth of learning resources and activities through our website.

These are unprecedented times but innovation and public engagement is, and always has been, the Jodrell Bank way and we’re looking forward to pioneering new approaches and sharing these with you all.

Use the links below to explore some of our themes and take part in Science Learning at Home…