Relaxed Visits to Jodrell Bank

Relaxed Visits to Jodrell Bank

7 Jul, 20243 Nov, 2024

Included in admission

Relaxed visits: 10am til 11am on the first Sunday of the month

Join us for a relaxed start to the day – sound in our exhibition spaces will be at a reduced level and there’ll be a relaxed early showing of our free film ‘Introduction to Jodrell Bank’ at 10.15am.

Prepare for your visit with our handy Familiarisation Guide. You can also get to know the site in advance by reading our Accessibility Statement.

Respectfully, please only book admission for this session, if you’re visiting with someone that will benefit from this provision.

Online booking makes your ticket an annual pass – stay as long as you like and return another day within the year for free.