Projections 2023: The Compass at Jodrell Bank

Posted 6 Nov, 2023

“How would you describe The Compass in 5 words?”

“Navigating knowledge – science as discovery”

Interview with Rob Vale, co-founder of Illuminos

image Projections on the First Light Pavilion

This Winter Solstice Season we welcome The Compass by Illuminos !

Projected on the front of the First Light Pavilion this December, this a breathtaking installation brings to life how we navigate knowledge, and how scientific research can be a compass to guide our curiosity.

From across an incredible spectrum of scientific disciplines, researchers and communities have come together to explore questions which go to the very heart of scientific endeavour, the pursuit of knowledge a driving force in every moment throughout human history. Through exploring the diverse real-life experiences of these individuals (including Jodrell Bank Observatory’s very own Prof. Tim O’Brien!), we can gain a greater understanding of the ways these differences have helped to shape our understanding of the fabric of the universe.

Initially created for the British Science Festival in Leicester, The Compass unites art and science through imaginative animation, lighting a spark of creativity and curiosity in anyone who watches it.

We’re thrilled to bring The Compass to Jodrell Bank – not only the heart of so many breakthroughs across British scientific investigation, but a place where science is truly at your fingertips. Follow along on the incredible journey of The Compass this Winter Solstice, reflecting on 2023 coming to an end and looking forward to what the next year may bring!

To find out more about Winter Solstice Season (15th – 22nd December) and book your tickets, head to the event page today!

The Compass was originally commissioned by the British Science Association and was supported by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and by UK Research & Innovation, to celebrate British scientific research and creativity. The installation was designed and created by artists, Illuminos, and the BSA, working with locally based social enterprise and event production specialists, Inspirate, to bring the project to life. We are grateful to the BSA for allowing us to showcase The Compass at Jodrell Bank as part of the Winter Solstice Season. 

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