Our New Crew

Posted 20 Sep, 2022

Since April 2022 we’ve welcomed a whole squad (plus substitutes!) of new recruits across our visitor services, catering, science engagement, and commercial areas to join the tight, dedicated team who have been keeping the wheels on the Jodrell Bank Centre for Engagement bus for the past few years.

We are very grateful to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for providing salary funding via the First Light at Jodrell Bank project which has made many of these new posts possible.

Some of our new employees have said what they think about working here in the testimonials below.

Louise Dobbs – Visitor Services Assistant

In my experience, joining Jodrell Bank at a period of huge change has been very rewarding. My previous career was as long haul cabin crew, so I do really thrive on diversity in my working life. I have certainly found it working here.

The brand new First Light Pavilion opened only a couple of months after my joining date. We welcomed VIPs, interested groups, local stakeholders, and finally the general public, into this amazing space. It struck me how dedicated the whole team was, putting everything into making it work. The pride and excitement everyone felt was plain to see, and was a galvanising force for me personally.

Fast forward one month, and we held the Bluedot Festival, which had been on hold since the pandemic. Our build up to this, the information sessions for staff, and the very generous free tickets for our families, made it a weekend never to be forgotten. It was exhilarating and made me prouder than ever to be a part of this newly appointed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!

Kerry Jones – Visitor Services Assistant

 I can honestly say that from my first day I have made to feel so welcome at Jodrell Bank by the entire team which makes such a big difference as new starter. As great as the attraction is, it really is the team that elevates it to another level.

I have found that a lot of the staff are so enthusiastic and passionate about their roles and where they work, and it really is contagious.

I love the variety of work that I do within my role, where I get to work in so many different areas – the day really does go so quickly.

Steve Warbis, Explainer

Once the reality of having the Lovell Telescope as the backdrop to my working environment had finally sunk in, it took a little more time as a part-time staff member to absorb the full information entailed in carrying out my role in JBCE’s activities, but the support, camaraderie and quiet proficiency of the whole team has been of continuous help, and made it really enjoyable.

Diane Reynolds – Visitor Services Assistant

 What’s not to like?  Working in a beautiful setting, with lovely colleagues, whilst assisting visitors to ensure they get the best possible experience. Win, win, win.

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