Life without Limits! Meet our Crew!

Posted 16 Aug, 2023

Life without Limits! Meet our Crew!

Posted 16 Aug, 2023

A famous Greek thinker once said; In Union there is strength. This is true of the Universe, and we apply this in our philosophy at Jodrell Bank.

We are proud to nurture a strong team, with many making their careers at Jodrell, and others passing through as they define their future. From a semi-professional footballer to cabin crew, we have an invaluable team of staff that work around their other jobs, hobbies, school or University, and if you’ve been to see us, you’ll have met some of them.

image Staff member Polly in the cafe with customers

In the café you may find Polly, who’s finished her A-Levels and plans to go travelling, alongside Sofia who’s off to University in September to study Criminology, Becky who’s off to be a Vet, Mathematician Jamie or Chemistry student Max.

If you were at bluedot, you’d have seen Tasia, a semi-pro footballer working alongside our Facilities Manager keeping the site running smoothly – a future Lioness in our midst we’re sure!

From the ticket booths to the shop, you’ll meet budding scientists inspired by Jodrell and passing on their enthusiasm to our visitors; like Mika who joins us during her holidays, in between studying Natural Sciences at York.

Keen astronomers, exam invigilators, artists and cabin crew are just a few of the fascinating ‘other hats’ our staff wear. Each piece of individual experience as valuable as the next and it’s this that makes the team at Jodrell so wonderful.

So next time you visit us, have a chat, you never know who you may meet; and if you’re ever looking for something a bit different, you too could join the crew!

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