Rocket Juice

What you need

  • A small empty drinks carton with bendy straw
  • Sticky tack
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Be careful: ask for help with cutting the templates out, if you need it.

What to do:

  • Save and print the image below.
  • Carefully cut out the four templates. The rectangle will make the body of your rocket, and the other three templates will make the fins
  • Lay the rectangle flat on the table, picture side down, and put the long part of the straw over the top of it. Roll the paper around the straw, making sure that it’s a snug fit (but not too tight!)
  • Secure the rolled paper with sticky tape and then remove it from the straw
  • Fold over one end of the rolled paper at the dotted line and secure in place with sticky tape
  • Now take the fins and fold along the dotted lines
  • Apply glue to all of the printed sides of each fin. Stick the middle rectangles to the yellow zone of the rocket and stick the triangles of the fins together as shown.

Your rocket is now ready so it’s time to make the launcher!!

  • Insert the short end of the straw in to the carton and seal any gaps between the straw and carton with sticky tack. (it’s important that your launcher is airtight)
  • Place your rocket on to the straw and you’re ready. To launch your rocket simply squeeze the carton and watch your rocket fly!
  • Now, why not decorate your carton?

Did you know?

By squeezing the carton you push the air from inside it in to the body of the rocket. This air is then pushed out of the bottom of the rocket, launching it forwards and in to the sky!

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