Tickets on Sale!

Posted 6 May, 2022

We have lift off!

Tickets are now on sale for visits to Jodrell Bank beyond 4th June. From that date on, visitors will be able to experience our highly-anticipated First Light Pavilion and we can’t wait to welcome you!

We’re sure you’ll be dazzled by this architectually stunning building in the grounds of Jodrell Bank. The Pavilion is home to a brand new permanent exhibition telling the pioneering stories of this important site through a mind-blowing array of projections, interactions, and archive materials.

There’s also our immersive Space Dome, a state-of-the-art auditorium offering vivid planetarium-style experiences, that’s not to be missed. Plus, a new cafe offering delicious food from our many wonderful local suppliers.

From 4th June, we’ll be open Tuesdays – Sundays and people are encouraged to book their tickets in advance online.

From now on, all tickets are Annual Tickets. This means you can return within 12 months of your initial visit, you just need to ensure you have a Timeslot Booking. Every visitor will also be able to experience our Space Dome and can also add on a traditional planetarium-style experience for an additional charge. You can find out more about tickets, including booking FAQs, on this page. 

See you at Jodrell Bank soon!

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