Bluedot Science – Save Our Planet

Posted 20 Jul, 2023

Save Our Planet

With the effects of Climate Change becoming apparent across the world, now is the time for action. As everyone at bluedot knows – it’s important that we keep hope alive and work together to make a difference. We have experts here all weekend to give you the latest information and to inspire us all to make a difference and save our planet ,Earth, the ‘pale blue dot’ that is our home.

On Saturday:

Kelly Hogan from the British Antarctic Survey will talk about Antarctica’s Meltdown (Mission Control 11am)

James Grecian illuminates some of the stories behind the recent fantastic BBC series The snow petrel and the seal: the science behind Frozen Planet II (Star Pavilion 11am)

Mike Berners Lee – a legend in the world of sustainability and Climate Change, Mike will explore some of our options There Is No Planet B: How can science help us and is it enough?  (Mission Control 12noon)

Our Fragile Space’ We have polluted the soil and the sea and our atmosphere is accumulating carbon – but what about the skies above – find out about Space Junk and what we are doing about cleaning up the skies beyond our planet (Star Pavilion 2pm)

Mike Brian is Station Lead of Rothera Station in Antarctica. He will tell us about Wintering in Antarctica: Living and working in splendid isolation (Mission Control 2pm)

Tamsin Edwards is a leading Climate Scientist and advisor to Parliament on Climate Change. She will talk about how to consider Climate Change in a way that makes a difference Hope and Anchor: how to navigate the choppy waters of climate change  (Mission Control 3pm)

Sarah Roberts, Practical Action ‘In conversation’ Sarah is Chief Executive of Practical Action, bluedot’s International Charity Partner. She reflects on her work and the ways in which we can make a difference in our day to day lives Big Change can Start Small (Notes Stage 6pm)

On Sunday

How to Save the Planet

Q: What do you get when you put together a Climate Change Scientist (Chris Jones, who works at on sustainable festivals with Massive Attack), a Sustainability Consultant (Hannah Cox, who helps us with sustainability at bluedot) and a Corporate Leader (Simeon Rose who lead ‘putting Nature on the Board’ at Faith in Nature)

A: Some really practical ideas about how to save the planet – both at festivals and when we all get back home!

(Star Pavilion 11am)

And here all weekend,

Browse the beautiful and thought-provoking ‘Our Fragile Space’ exhibition.

Visit some of the stands onsite with family hands-on activities, displays and people ready to talk! – The British Antarctic Survey, Tyndall CentrePractical Action, Earth BuildingCarbon Coop and People Powered RetrofitHumanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, RSPB Wildlife Explorers


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