On Sunday 7th July 2019, in recognition of its internationally significant science, heritage and cultural impact, Jodrell Bank Observatory was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status and was inscribed on to the World Heritage List.

Jodrell Bank is part of a small and prestigous group of sites across the globe recognised by UNESCO’s international community as sites of Outstanding Universal Value. The World Heritage Site inscription acknowledges the site’s tremendous scientific endeavours and its role in achieving a transformational understanding of the Universe. Jodrell Bank’s application for this status fulfilled the following four criteria:

  • A masterpiece of human creative genius related to its scientific and technical achievements.
  • Represents an important interchange of human values over a span of time and on a global scale.
  • An outstanding example of a technological ensemble which illustrates a significant stage in human history.
  • Directly and tangibly associated with events and ideas of outstanding universal significance.

World Heritage Site Nomination

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