TIME IS RUNNING OUT: Engineering a Net Zero World

A new exhibition from the Institute of Civil Engineers

TIME IS RUNNING OUT: A new exhibition from the Institute of Civil Engineers

Experience the new exhibition at Jodrell Bank!

Events Space, Space Pavilion

May 16th  – 7th July 2024

Included in cost of admission

Time is Running Out explores the future of infrastructure and the role of civil engineers in helping society respond to the challenges of climate change and meet net zero targets by 2050.

This exhibition asks six of the biggest questions currently concerning engineers and climate specialists, such as “where will we get our energy from?”, in an interactive and accessible way for all ages. Featuring original hand-drawn illustrations and animations, listen on, as six children talk to TV presenter and engineer Rob Bell about a wide range of global problems affecting our planet today.

To read more about this groundbreaking exhibition came to be, head to the official Institution of Civil Engineers website.


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Included in the price of your entry to Jodrell Bank, this educational exhibition is perfect for families, young people and anyone who wants to learn more about engineering.