Summer Science Exhibits on Tour

Summer Science Exhibits On Tour

3 Aug, 20244 Aug, 2024

10 Aug, 202411 Aug, 2024

Experience the Wonders of Science: The Royal Society’s ‘Summer Science Exhibits on Tour’ is bringing cutting-edge discoveries to Jodrell Bank

The Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition, which annually showcases some of the most exciting scientific research from across the UK, will be appearing at Jodrell Bank this August.

As the oldest science festival in the UK, the Summer Science Exhibition has presented the forefront of scientific achievements to the public at the Royal Society in central London. Now, it is journeying across the country, bringing a handpicked selection of the finest exhibits directly to you.

From August 3rd, the whole family can get hands-on with lab-grown muscles that can revolutionize rehabilitation. Be amazed by transformative discoveries from sampling the DNA of every species in Britain—70,000 creatures from slugs to seaweed. Witness how bacteriophages (some of the tiniest yet most abundant organisms on the planet), cunningly control their hosts like puppets. Discover how supercomputers are solving the mysteries of galaxies, and investigate the elements of life as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the periodic table.

Together, the Royal Society and Jodrell Bank are curating for curious minds this Summer!

Summer Science Exhibits On Tour

3 Aug, 20244 Aug, 2024

10 Aug, 202411 Aug, 2024

Saturday 3th & Sunday 4th August

Royal Society Exhibitor: The University of Salford – Microbial Puppet Masters

Phages are the most abundant organisms on Earth. They are viruses that infect bacteria and have a fundamental impact on all life. Researchers from the Universities of Liverpool and Salford are uncovering how phages affect bacteria in the body. This could offer new ways to fight bacterial diseases. Learn more with our giant models and how to make your own sparkly phagoe at home.

Royal Society Exhibitor: Loughborough University – Revolutionising Rehabilitation

Get close to ground breaking science and technology with the potential to transform personalised rehabilitation. Revolutionising Rehabilitation showcases pioneering work by scientists and clinicians from Loughborough University, The University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals. The exhibit features activities that ‘gamify’ rehabilitation, making it fun and engaging for everyone. Experience new technologies that empower active participation in rehabilitation. All activities are accessible for wheelchair users and those with auditory impairments, with audio commentary also available.

Royal Society Exhibitor: Wellcome Sanger Institute – Decoding the DNA Tree of Life

The Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridgeshire is one of the world’s most advanced DNA research facilities. Our projects are always ambitious – including sequencing 2 million Covid-19 genomes during the pandemic and helping the NHS create the largest database of human genomes in the world. This time you’ll help us explore non-human DNA. The Darwin Tree of Life project aims to sequence the full DNA code of all complex life in Britain and Ireland (that’s more than 70,000 species).

Royal Society Exhibitor: University of Warwick – In Your Element

This exhibit delves into the wondrous world of the periodic table. We examine the 19 elements considered essential for humans to maintain normal growth, metabolism, and development. Demonstrations will reveal why cornflakes are magnetic and how platinum can be used to cure cancer. We will also explore how CO2 causes global warming and how the delicate balance of carbon in our oceans and atmosphere is driven by plankton. These processes are dependent on the amazing world of the elements.

University of Manchester Exhibitor: Lego Rovers

Ever wondered what it would be like to control a Mars Rover? Come and drive one of our Lego Rovers to experience the challenge of controlling a robot on another planet, and learn about how robots are programmed to do tasks like avoiding obstacles.


Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th August

Royal Society Exhibitor: University of Manchester – The Cancer Code

Participants will be able to unlock the ‘The Cancer Code’ at our interactive stall hosted by early career researchers from the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute! Participants will get to the heart of cutting-edge cancer research with hands-on games: racing to decode DNA sequences, piecing together mutation puzzles, and constructing a 3D tumour. They will discover the science behind personalised ‘cancer codes’ which are revolutionising treatment, ensuring every patient receives the best care. Along the way our passionate researchers will share their career journeys and discuss their ground-breaking work.

Royal Society Exhibitor: Durham University – Galaxy Makers

Virtual reality fly through the EAGLE cosmological simulation which models the formation of galaxies in a dark matter universe; a demonstration of gravitational lensing to illustrate why we think the universe contains dark matter.

University of Manchester Exhibitor – Photon Science Institute

The Photon Science Institute is a multidisciplinary organisation in which physicists, chemists, engineers and materials scientists share expertise and experimental facilities. Research interests are wide-ranging and encompass fundamental photon-matter interactions, photovoltaics, photonics, optical and electron spectroscopy and imaging science. There will be interactive demos spanning different topics around photonics demonstrating the principles of light, different types of light and how it can be used in research and everyday life.

University of Manchester Exhibitor – Electric Dreams

Take a trip back in time to learn how a past generation saw the science and technology of the future. With live demonstrations and hand-on access to authentic computers, toys, home entertainment and work technologies from the 1970s and 80s, we’ll explore how computers, robots, and new scientific ideas reached into everyday life in the first days of the digital revolution – and how these projects influenced the technologies and teaching of today. Organised by the University of Manchester’s Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine.

Enjoy out-of-this-world fun this summer!

Royal Society Exhibits on Tour is recommended for ages 5+
Free with admission