Lovell Lecture Series 2024

Professor Robert Beswick: From Exploding Stars to Distant Galaxies: Science with e-MERLIN

£12 – £10


19:30 – 21:00

Lovell Lecture Series 

From Exploding Stars to Distant Galaxies: Science with e-MERLIN

In this Lovell lecture Professor Rob Beswick will describe some of the key science results from the e-MERLIN National Facility which is operated from Jodrell Bank Observatory. e-MERLIN is a radio interferometer comprising of seven large radio telescopes, including the 76-m Lovell telescope and the Mark-II telescopes located at JBO. The array spans over 200km between its most widely separated telescopes allowing very high angular resolution observations at radio wavelengths and hence the opportunity to peer into the structures of distant galaxies and track the explosions of distant stars. To conclude this lecture will outline the immense science opportunities, but also the challenges, posed by the huge volumes of data that will come from the next generation of radio interferometers, such as the Square Kilometre Array, and the solutions being developed by globally scientists and engineers.

About Professor Robert Beswick 

Professor Rob Beswick completed his PhD in Radio Astronomy at Jodrell Bank Observatory (JBO) in 2002 and has been an active researcher in extragalactic astrophysics.  He is the Joint-Director of the UK’s SKA Regional Centre (UKSRC). He is also the Head of Science Operations and User Support Team for the UK’s e-MERLIN/VLBI National facility and a Research focussed academic staff member at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.

Alongside this full-time operational role, he is an active research scientist, and academic research staff member at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, at the University of Manchester. He is a leading scientist in the area of galaxy evolution, transient astrophysics and spectral line observations of external galaxies with over 250 publications, and has supervised multiple successful postgraduate students. Beswick has a leading role in a number of high-profile large research consortia exploiting multiple large facilities around the world. He is a strong advocate for the SKA, and has previously chaired SKA Science Working Groups.


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