Rosette Nebula core by Anthony Holloway

Visions of the Night Sky

Credit: Dr Anthony Holloway

Exhibition: Visions of the Night Sky

Included in admission

Space Pavilion

10am – 4pm, Daily

Visions of the Night Sky is a new photographic exhibition which traverses the universe through the work of Dr Anthony Holloway, Jodrell Bank’s Head of Computing. Anthony brings his technical skill in photography and an eye for composition together with his professional understanding of astronomy. These qualities make him a superb astro-photographer and have resulted in the collection of breathtaking images in this exhibition.

They are as inspiring and beautiful as the scientific work of the Observatory, and Jodrell Bank Centre for Engagement is delighted to present it against the backdrop of the Lovell Telescope. No visit to Jodrell Bank is complete without a visit to this new display, and entry is included in the price of admission.


About Dr Anthony Holloway 

Dr Anthony Holloway, Head of Computing at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics and Jodrell Bank Observatory has been photographing and studying the night sky for over 30 years as an amateur and professional astronomer. His work has been published in the press and on TV and he holds the “Artiste, International Federation of Photographic Art” distinction. 

“The advent of digital photography has opened up more views of the night sky and here I showcase a collection of ‘Visions of the Night Sky’. Using a camera, lenses and sometimes a telescope to reveal transitory, unique moments in the night sky, along with deeper views into our galaxy and beyond.”

Dr Anthony Holloway.