Lovell Lecture Series 2024

Credit: Danielle Futselaar, MPIfR

Dr Michael Keith: Tuning into the Cosmic Bass Note – The Hunt for the Gravitational Wave Background

£12 – £10

19:30 – 21:00


Lovell Lecture Series 

Dr Michael Keith: Tuning into the Cosmic Bass Note ~ The Hunt for the Gravitational Wave Background 

In this lecture Michael will discuss a new way of studying the Universe using the ripples in space-time – gravitational waves – predicted by Einstein’s theory of gravity. He will explain how the Lovell Telescope is being used as part of a galaxy-sized gravitational wave telescope. This extraordinary telescope can sense the sea of gravitational waves that constantly wash over the Earth, by making use of precise measurements of exotic stars called pulsars – cosmic clocks which weigh as much as the sun and spin faster than a kitchen blender. By combining our measurements with those made using other telescopes across Europe and beyond, we are exploring the signals expected to come from supermassive black holes found in the centres of distant galaxies. These signals will help us answer questions about the formation and evolution of the Universe and the galaxies that populate it, including our own Milky Way.

About Dr Michael Keith

Dr Michael Keith is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester. He completed his PhD at Jodrell Bank in 2007, after which spent five years in Australia working with the Parkes Radio Telescope before returning to Manchester to take up a lectureship in 2013. Dr Keith is an expert in pulsar observations using the Lovell Telescope and part of the leadership team of the European Pulsar Timing Array.


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