What’s Here?

As part of our re-opening plans, we’ve been working hard to ensure that we can provide a memorable visitor experience whilst also safeguarding our visitors and staff. Jodrell Bank is a 35 acre outdoor-only attraction and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors to the Discovery Centre will be able to:

  • See the Grade I listed Lovell Telescope
  • Explore the Telescope pathway
  • Join a Telescope Talk
  • Explore the Jodrell Bank Arboretum
  • Discover a range of outdoor exhibits including the popular whispering dishes
  • Use the children’s playground
  • Experience an Orrery demonstration
  • Discover more about Jodrell Bank’s UNESCO World Heritage Site status
  • Visit the Café and our new pop up Gift Shop
  • Complete a range of family activities
  • Find out more about our new First Light Pavilion and view the building’s progress

Please note that we have temporarily closed our indoor spaces including our Space Pavilion exhibition -We are currently unable to maintain social distancing or the required levels of hygiene in this area due to the interactive nature of the displays.

We have also closed the Planet Pavilion entrance and therefore the exhibits in this area. Similarly, the interactive screens in the Orrery are currently out of use.