Please note that Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre is currently closed for visits.
You can find out more about this here…

I have a pacemaker. Can I still visit Jodrell Bank?

Yes, our telescopes do not transmit any signals and there is nothing on site which will upset your pacemaker.

Can I look through the telescope?

The Telescopes at Jodrell Bank receive radio waves, not visible light and this means that it isn’t possible to look through them. In our Space Pavilion we describe how the Telescope works and how we observe distant objects in space with them. We use optical telescopes at our Telescope Nights and Star Party events so you can look through these then – weather permitting!

Will I see the Telescope moving?

The Lovell Telescope is an impressive near 90m high steerable radio telescope and seeing it up close and in action makes for an impressive sight. It is one of just a handful of steerable telescopes in the world and, at 60 years old, it stands as an icon for British Science and Engineering.

While we have plenty of explainers on hand to talk to you about the telescope, how it works and what its looking for, there is no guarantee that you will see it moving during your visit.

Can we bring our dog for a walk?

Only assistance dogs are allowed entry to the Discovery Centre and grounds (including the Cafe and Cafe Terrace).

Can we visit to walk around the gardens?

The gardens are part of the Discovery Centre experience and visitors can take a walk around the gardens during their visit. Our normal admission charge applies.

Can we visit the cafe without visiting the Discovery Centre?

Yes, the cafe is accessible without paying to visit the Discovery Centre. The cafe is open from 10am to 4.30pm.

Can we visit the shop without visiting the Discovery Centre?

Yes, the shop is accessible without paying to visit the Discovery Centre.

Can I bring my remote controlled device?

In order to protect the safety of people and our scientific work  we do NOT allow remote-controlled devices on site.

Do we have to pay to park?

Yes, from 29th November 2018, we have a car parking charge of £4 per vehicle. Find out more about this here

Please note that nor do we permit scooters, ride on toys, skateboards, cycles,  hoverboards or devices such as drones, model aircraft etc on site.