Jodrell Bank: Online, Live!

Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre’s award-winning Education Programme has launched online!

Offering curriculum-focused sessions online and live in your classroom, pupils can now put their questions to the expert Jodrell Bank team on all things ‘space’, whether it be gravity, planet, the Moon and more!

How does it work?

This is a fantastic new alternative for pupils to enjoy Jodrell Bank and the wonders of space from the comfort and safety of your own classroom, or even while your students are learning at home.

All workshops are hosted in partnership with teachers and delivered by our expert Education Team who are highly skilled in STEM engagement and trained in physics and astronomy. Sessions take place on digital platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams and we can adapt to suit your particular technical requirements. Teachers simply need to pick a session from the list below, get in touch, and we’ll work with you to tailor an experience that best suits your schedule and any other needs you may have.

What sessions are available?

We’re currently offering 3 great sessions for teachers to choose from:

1. KEY STAGE 2: Explore our Solar System

Journey across the Solar System to learn about ‘Earth and Space’, ‘Forces’ and ‘Light’. This session is designed to lead students through an investigation and support teaching on ‘working scientifically’. Pupils submit questions in advance to be answered during the session and we share a range of post-session resources including a pack of classroom experiements for teachers to continue the learning afterwards.

  • Suitable for: Key Stage 2
  • National Curriculum Links: Earth and Space, Forces, Light, Working Scientifically
  • Session Type: scientific demonstrations and activities
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Class size (maximum): 35
  • Venue: live via digital platform
  • Price: £90 per session
  • Bookings: Complete our enquiry form here…

2. KEY STAGES 2-5: Space 101

From the Big Bang to black holes students can put their space and astronomy questions to our Engagement Team in one of our “Ask the Expert” sessions. Questions the class wants to ask can be submitted in advance to be answered and explored in an online live session complete with demonstrations. Great for those taking part in British Science Week during the 5th-14th March!

  • Suitable for: Key Stages 2-5
  • National Curriculum Links: Earth and Space, Forces, and Light
  • Session Type: Q&A with scientific demonstrations
  • Duration: 50 mins
  • Class size: (Unlimited but questions maximum 10 submissions)
  • Venue: live via digital platform
  • Price: £70 per session
  • Bookings: Complete our enquiry form here…

3. A-LEVEL WORKSHOP: Radio Telescopes

Our popular hour-long session focusing on the structure and use of radio telescopes. Learners investigate why the parabolic structure of the Lovell Telescope is essential and how the size of a telescope relates to its resolution. Using real data collected by the 6.4m telescope at Jodrell Bank, learners calculate the rotation speed and mass of the Triangulum galaxy.

  • Suitable for: A-level students
  • National Curriculum Links: Astronomy and Physics
  • Session type: scientific talk and workshop
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Class size (maximum): 35
  • Venue: live via digital platform
  • Price: £90 per session
  • Bookings: Complete our enquiry form here…

Want to make a booking?

Simly complete our enquiry form here… and we’ll get back in touch to book in your date and time and talk about any needs you have and help with your enquiries.

Can’t host something live? Don’t worry we’re more than happy to discuss alternatives including pre-recorded sessions. For more information, please contact our Education Team here…