Jodrell Bank’s bold and pioneering story is widely regarded to be of national and international significance.

For over 70 years, Jodrell Bank Observatory has been a world-leading science research institute, continuously pushing back the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding of the universe, while the scientists at Jodrell Bank continue to work at the cutting edge of modern astrophysics, there is a new awareness of the importance of those early developments that took place here.

The site is currently the UK’s nominee for UNESCO World Heritage Site status, and many of the structures at Jodrell Bank are protected by Historic England as Grade I or II listed building.

In support of this action to protect and preserve Jodrell Bank, the First Light Project  supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, presents the Discovery Centre with a new opportunity to engage the wider public with its inspirational stories.

The First Light Project will transform visitor facilities to create a spectacular new gallery space that will celebrate and engage audiences with the ‘can do’ story of the creation of the new science of radio astronomy. The project will allow us to make archive materials and historic artefacts available for public view, to open up previously inaccessible parts of the site, and to celebrate Jodrell Bank as an important piece of our national heritage and a significant chapter in our shared history.

This increased interest in Jodrell Bank’s pioneering history, coupled with both a new approach to the custody of scientific heritage and the celebration of its significance, is having a revolutionary impact on the way we engage and inspire the visitors and communities of Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre.

“Jodrell Bank is a remarkable place where globally important discoveries were made that transformed radio astronomy and our understanding of the Universe.”
Crispin Edwards, Historic England.

Image: The Mark II and Lovell Telescopes at Jodrell Bank. The University of Manchester