Bluedot Science – Explore at Jodrell Bank

Posted 19 Jul, 2023

With bluedot zooming towards us this weekend, it’s time to plan your weekend of science (in between the music, art, amazing food, great bars and everything else).

We’ve gathered together some of our themes so, if you’re a fan of astrophysics, saving the planet, aliens and anything else in science, you can organise your mind-blowing weekend…

Explore the Universe with Jodrell Bank

Jodrell Bank is world-famous for its astronomy. This bluedot our scientists join us to share their research and their discoveries, as well as some of the stories that made us who we are today.

Catch their talks:

On Friday

Rowan Smith Beads on a String: How stars form in galaxies (Mission Control 2pm)

Philippa Browning The weather in space – solar flares and their effects on Earth

(Mission Control 3pm)

On Saturday

Albert Zjilstra The Life and Death of Stars (Star Pavilion 10am)

Simon Garrington From Sputnik to space debris: Jodrell Bank’s (often secret) role in Space

(Star Pavilion 1pm)

Lina Levin Preston Searching for pulsars with the world’s largest radio telescopes (Star Pavilion 5pm)

Inés Pastor- Marazuela Fast Radio Bursts – An Extra-Galactic Mystery (Star Pavilion 6pm)

On Sunday

Laura Wolz Building the cosmic web out of thin air (Star Pavilion 10am)

Chris Conselice How galaxies tell us everything we want to know (Star Pavilion 12noon)

Tim O’Brien The Secret History of Jodrell Bank (Mission Control 2pm)

Every Day

Professor Tim O’Brien and guests (Lovell Stage)


And join our team – in our stand in the shadow of the Lovell Telescope, where our researchers will be stationed all weekend with displays, hands-on activities and people who can answer all your astronomy questions.

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