Every year we welcome students from The University of Manchester to join our team and work with us on key projects. Work placements provide a unique opportunity to enhance post-graduate study with real-world experience and are a chance for students to contribute to the Discovery Centre’s ongoing development.

Its Father’s Day soon and it’s an exciting time to think about what to buy, to celebrate our Dads! We’ve created the perfect gift guide to help you when it comes to choosing that special gift for this special day.

On Thursday this week (10th June) we’re treated to a special celestial event – an eclipse. Eclipses are a regular if infrequent occurrence – a natural result of the movement of the Moon around the Earth.

It’s that time of year again, where we get to say #ThanksToYou as a national lottery player! From 5 – 13 June, we will be taking part in National Lottery Open Week by offering a FREE  hot drink in our Planet Café to all of our visitors who play the National Lottery.

Jodrell Bank is a world-leading site of live scientific research in radio-astronomy. Because of this, it’s a designated radio-quiet zone, meaning that visitors must switch off electronic equipment including mobile phones so as not to cause interference with the telescopes in operation here. As a result we offer visitors a unique opportunity to switch off, […]

Chefs from across the UK have been competing for the honour of serving a VIP guest list at the Great British Menu final -The Banquet, in celebration of Great British Science and Innovation at Jodrell Bank

Its Earth Day, our annual reminder to celebrate our precious blue dot. Here at Jodrell Bank, we strive to apply sustainable practices to all our work and this includes sourcing our shop products from local and sustainable suppliers.

Our incredible First Light Pavilion has come a long way in the last 12 months. Construction of this beautiful new building has been led by Kier and we’re really proud of their achievement earning a Certificate of Excellence in Considerate Construction Scheme.

We have a long history of recycling and sustainable construction here at Jodrell Bank. Although in the early days this wasn’t a conscious ethical choice as it is today, but the only way of getting anything built. A post-war necessity to make do and mend.

11 April, 2021

On This Day… 2011

On 11th April 2021, the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre celebrates its 10th birthday.