Heritage Lecture Series 2024

Tom Whipple, Science Editor for The Times

Tom Whipple: Battle of the Beams and Bernard Lovell

10 Oct, 2024

£10 – £12

19:30 – 21:00

A brand-new series of Heritage Lectures in our Space Dome. Explore the full lecture programme HERE.

Discover hidden histories and surprising stories as leading scientists, archivists and historians reveal Jodrell Bank’s 80-year tale of intrigue, resolve and radio waves.

In the Second World War, the population on both sides knew they needed air supremacy. What most did not realise is there was another secret battle – for airwave supremacy. This talk is about the radio war. It is about the men and women who fought to win control of the electromagnetic spectrum, to make radar and defeat radar, to guide planes to their target and divert planes from their target. It is about the scientists – including Jodrell Bank’s own Bernard Lovell – who sought to see using invisible light, and about the agents, commandos and pilots who fought to get them the information they needed.

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About Tom Whipple

Tom Whipple is the science editor at The Times. His career has taken him to the top of Mont Blanc and to the tunnels beneath Cern. He has investigated the effects of radiation in the forests around Chernobyl, and the effects of heat in the world’s hottest sauna in Finland. He didn’t stay in very long. He has reported on three climate change conferences, and only been arrested at one of them. He has a mathematics degree.


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