Lovell Lecture: Professor Robert Walsh

12 Mar, 2020 - 12 Mar, 2020
£10/£8 (10% discount for Annual Pass holders)

Lovell Lecture
Basking in the sunshine: A New Encounter with our Closest Star
Professor Robert Walsh

Thursday 12th March, 7:30pm

Our Sun may appear tranquil and constant but is it in fact a seething ball of million degree-electrified gases. Recently the view of our closest star has been transformed due to dedicated, space-based observatories. Using the latest images and movies, Prof Walsh will track the flow of energy from the nuclear reactions deep in the heart of the solar core through to our own terrestrial environment.  Along the way we will psychoanalyse the Sun’s magnetic personality, test the temperature of the Sun’s searing outer atmosphere and run for cover from solar storms as we try to predict the effect of space weather upon the Earth. So, what is it really like living with a star?

Robert Walsh is a Professor of Solar Physics in the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), United Kingdom. He is a leading expert on the analysis of space-based solar observations coupled to computational modelling of the Sun. With nearly 50 refereed journal papers and over £1 million of personal research funding, Robert has developed many international collaborations, including being institutional lead on NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center’s sounding rocket programme.

Robert always viewed public engagement with science as being a critical part of his academic career; with over 70 public lectures to date, he has many years’ experience in initiating, developing and delivering public outreach activity to a wide range of audiences in differing venues. Robert set-up the Royal Institution-UCLan Young Scientist Centre in Preston (only other YSC outside London) as well as initiated the now highly successful annual Lancashire Science Festival.

Tickets: £10/£8
10% discount available for Annual Pass holders

Food and Drink:
The Planet Café will be open before the lecture serving snacks and drinks from 6.30pm.