Advanced Astrophotography

6 Feb, 2019
£32.50/£29.50 (10% discount for Annual Pass holders)

Advanced Astrophotography
Wednesday 6th February
7.30pm – 9:30pm

This advanced workshop offers Astrophotographers the chance to extend their knowledge and help them achieve breath-taking night sky photography.

The session follows on from our Introduction to Astrophotography and includes a detailed talk by Jodrell Bank’s Dr Anthony Holloway covering how to capture images of meteors, star trails, how to stack images to improve image quality, and how to make use of a telescope for astrophotography. This will include in-depth demonstration of the various software packages used to process, composite and improve the quality of the final images.

Please note, that the evening is purely theoretical and won’t include practical work. As ever, you can expect a warm welcome, a good cup of tea, and a chance to meet like-minded people and to talk to our knowledgeable team.

This is a great follow-up from the Introductory workshop.

Tickets: £32.50/£29.50 (10% discount for Annual Pass holders)