Construction & Engineering

Welcome back to Science Learning at Home. For this instalment, we’re exploring all things construction and engineering.

Engineering has a big role at Jodrell Bank and you can discover the incredible story of the construction of the Lovell Telescope here.
Once you’ve done that, why not have a go at construting your own Telescope? Telescope Hats are our most popular activity at Jodrell Bank and we’re sharing the instructions with you here. We’d love to see photos of you wearing them, tag us @JodrellBank or @JodrellBankDiscoveryCentre.

You can also view the progress on the latest major construction project at Jodrell Bank -the First Light Pavilion, due to open next year. And finally, play and learn with a host of construction and engineering puzzles, games and challenges from our First Light Project partner Kier in Shaping Your World.

Have fun!