Bluedot: An Update

We’re saddened to announce that we’ll be making 21-24 July 2022 the next date for bluedot, our festival of music, culture and discovery here at Jodrell Bank. This means that plans for the festival in 2021 will no longer be going ahead.

We work closely with our talented and passionate partners to bring bluedot to tens of thousands of festival-goers every summer. However, as we’re sure you can imagine, there are many challenges in putting on an event like this at what remains a difficult time for the country. After much deliberation we felt that making compromises to what has become such a unique and much-loved experience, would not be acceptable for the festival’s many communities.

But do not worry. In the coming months we will be sharing our exciting plans for bluedot’s return in 2022, exploring the hundreds of reasons you have joined us since our first festival 5 years ago, and curating a series of very special events exploring our universe deeper than ever before.

So, rest assured this doesn’t mean bluedot is on hold; with the certainty of moving the next edition to 2022 we’re able to kick-start our plans and put more than ever before into delivering a truly out-of-this-world event.

If you have a ticket, we hope you will hold on to it and join us for a joyous celebration in 2022. If you would like to request a refund, your ticket outlet will be in touch with details on how to do this shortly.

Thank you so much for your continue support,
The Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre Team