6 fun things to do outside at Jodrell Bank

Jodrell Bank is a world-leading site of live scientific research in radio-astronomy. Because of this, it’s a designated radio-quiet zone, meaning that visitors must switch off electronic equipment including mobile phones so as not to cause interference with the telescopes in operation here.

As a result we offer visitors a unique opportunity to switch off, escape the busy day-to-day and engage with the landscape and nature of the site. As we’re outdoor-only for now due to government restrictions, we’ve come up with 6 great things you can do outside on your visit to Jodrell Bank.

1. Explore the grounds

There are over 35 acres of grounds at Jodrell Bank and the site is home to an abundance of wildlife. Explore designated wildflower areas, ponds and insect hotels.

2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

If instead you’d rather find hairy, one-eyed aliens then consider the Alien Hunt that’s currently underway. To uncover their secret message you’ll have to search high and low to find 10 crazy aliens spread out across the site. Collect an answer sheet from the welcome desk on arrival.

3. Go on a Mission

Whilst you’re there, why not pick up a Family Mission Log to keep your little astronauts entertained. Packed full of activities to complete, this booklet will help you to make the most of your visit to Jodrell Bank.

4. Learn about the Lovell Telescope

Join one of our popular Telescope Talks, delivered by our expert Explainers. Taking place at various times throughout the day, these 20 minute talks will give you the lowdown on The Lovell Telescope’s history as well as the science involved in its discoveries.

5. Explore our outdoor exhibits

Put what you’ve learnt into action with our Outdoor Exhibits. Experience the power of the parabolic dish with our popular Whispering Dishes. Are you fast enough to make your own spinning Jupiter? Give it a go to find out!


6. Be inspired by Astrophotography

If you want to see real planets, stars and other space phenomena, check out Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition. Featuring a selection of winning entries, each photograph comes with a helpful description so you know what fascinating space object you’re looking at! (As a bonus, carry on down the Exhibition pathway to see the First Light Pavilion under construction!).

As you can see, whilst we wait for our indoor spaces to open again, there’s still plenty to do at Jodrell Bank. Whether that’s admiring the natural landscape, learning outdoors or exploring the environment; Switch off and enjoy!