A new car parking payment system for Jodrell Bank

Thursday 29th November 2018 will see the launch of a new car parking charge for visitors to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre

How will it work?

1. Collect your parking ticket at the barrier as you enter the site.
2. Visit the welcome desk, café, or gift shop to pay for your parking and validate your ticket.
3. Keep hold of your validated ticket and present it at the barrier as you leave.

How much will it cost?

We’ve been sure to make the system as simple as possible with just one charge of £4 per vehicle.
There are no time restrictions for parking so you can stay as long as you wish.
Coaches that visit as part of a pre-arranged group or school trip can claim free parking when they book in advance.

Why is this happening?

Here at Jodrell Bank, we work hard to protect, share and celebrate this internationally significant site. The Discovery Centre operates as a social enterprise with a clear mission and charitable objectives.

When you pay for your car parking you’re making a direct contribution to our work. Whether it’s children’s science shows, school workshops, exhibitions and events, or our exciting new First Light project, your support goes towards keeping Jodrell Bank a great place to visit for everyone.

Save on parking

Support Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre and access free parking throughout the year, plus more great benefits, offers and savings…

Annual Pass

Our popular Annual Pass scheme offers year-round free entry to the Discovery Centre, 10% off event tickets and a range special offers and updates. From 22nd November 2018, Annual Pass holders will also receive free car parking validation every time they visit. Annual Passes starts from just £16.50 and are a great way to support our work whilst enjoying a host of benefits along the way.

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Locals’ Pass

To coincide with our new car parking payment system, we will soon be launching a special Locals’ Pass for our neighbours that live in the following postcode sectors: SK11 9, CW4 8, WA16 9, WA16 8, CW12 2, SK9 7, SK10 4, WA16 7. The Pass will be available to purchase for just £4 and will give local residents year-round free car parking validation. So, if you live nearby, you can still pop in to our cafe or visit the shop whenever you wish and continue to support our work throughout the year. You’ll also gain access to special offers and discounts.

If you would like to sign up and receive more information, click here.


We’ve answered a few FAQs below, if you have any other questions or queries about the new parking charge, please do get in touch.

I’m attending an event at Jodrell Bank, do I need to pay to park?

No, car parking for ticketed events is free, we will validate your parking for you before you leave.

I’m bringing a coach party to Jodrell Bank, how much will it cost?

Coaches and minibuses that have pre-booked are free to park.
You can find out more about group bookings here, and school bookings information is here.

I’m just popping in to visit the Café, do I still need to pay?

Yes, all visitors to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre need to pay for their parking.

However, you can access free parking if you have an Annual Pass. Find out more here.

Locals with a Locals’ Pass will also be able to access free parking. Find out more here.

I’m just making a delivery; can I get free parking?

Yes, parking is free for delivery drivers.

If your delivery has taken longer than 20 minutes, don’t forget to ask a member of our team to validate your ticket.

How do I pay for parking?

You can pay at either the welcome desk, the café or shop. We advise paying at the welcome desk at the same time that you buy your admission tickets or collect your wristbands.

What if I don’t pay for parking?

You won’t get past the exit barrier without a validated ticket. Please be sure to validate your ticket before you leave the Discovery Centre.

How much is it?

Parking is set at flat charge of just £4 per vehicle. This includes cars, motorbikes, vans and motorhomes.

I have an Annual Pass, do I need to pay to park?

No, Annual Pass holders will be able to park for free. Simply show your pass to a member of our team to validate your car parking ticket. If you don’t have an Annual Pass, sign up for one here.

Can I still visit on my bike?

Of course, there is no charge for cyclists and you can use our bike shed to store your bicycle while you’re visiting.
Remember to dismount as you pass the barriers on your way in and out.

I’m a volunteer at Jodrell Bank, what about me?

Volunteers, like staff, will not need to pay for parking. Ask your team leader to validate your ticket for you.

I’m visiting Jodrell Bank as part of a corporate event, what about me and my colleagues?

Parking is included in corporate event packages and your car parking ticket will be validated before you leave.

I’m disabled, do I need to pay to park?

No, disabled parking bays are free.