The Bees are Busy at Jodrell Bank

Our National Collection of Malus (Flowering Crab Apple) is in full bloom here at Jodrell Bank and our bees are busy busy busy! After a long winter and a slow start to spring the Jodrell Bank bees been desperate to get out to forage amongst the 3,000 trees and shrubs in our 35 acre arboretum.

Now, the bees are happily filling supers with honey and their colony size is increasing daily so regular checks are taking place to make sure they have enough room. This week, our Head Gardener had to add an extra couple of supers as the nectar flow is incredibly fast and they’re filling up very quickly!

We have over 300 Crab Apples in flower at the moment as well as collections of Pears, Cherries and our Cheshire Orchard blooming so the grounds are a-buzz with our busy workers, it really is a beautiful sight.

We’ve been keeping bees here in our Apiary for 5 years now and run regular demonstrations throughout the spring and summer months (weather depending – if its raining or too cold we won’t open the hives). You can get a great view of the beekeepers at work with just a perspex screen between you to watch them go through their hive inspections and ask any questions you may have.

And, if you’re interested in getting up close to the Jodrell Bank bees yourself, you might like our new Beekeeper Taster Day, a hands on experience with Master Beekeeper Pete Sutcliffe from the Cheshire Beekeepers Association taking place on Sunday 24th June. Perhaps we’ll see you there. Bzz!