Our five minutes (and more) of fame…

TV programmes

Jodrell Bank often features in factual TV programmes.

In addition to hosting the popular BBC2 series of Stargazing Live, it has also featured recently in programmes such as Jim Alkhalili’s BBC series Light and Dark . Jodrell Bank has often been home to many items in the popular ‘Sky at Night’ series (e.g. this piece by Patrick Moore).

Jodrell Bank also occasionally features in fiction on TV too. We are very proud to have longstanding links with Dr Who – and also to have hosted the filming of children’s shows such as Ingenious, which was shown on Christmas Day in 2011.


Radio appearances include recent pieces such as this article on writer Alan Garner and a recording of Gardeners’ Question Time both on Radio 4. There is also a significant number of archived programmes such as Dish of the Day, first broadcast in 2003.

Podcasts etc

Our flagship podcast is the popular Jodcast, created by research students and early career researchers at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.

Other podcasts include those in the Guardian and the Institute of Physics’ ‘Physics World’ as well as many other articles such as this wonderful archive recording of Mary Almond from the British Library, which was made in 1947.


There are multiple articles about Jodrell Bank online. We have collected a sample of them here

The BBC has filmed a number of pieces here over the years, including pieces on general format programmes such as Countryfile.

Publications such as Sky at Night magazine and the Register have featured Jodrell Bank recently and there have been lots of reviews and coverage of our Science – Music Festivals ‘Live from Jodrell Bank’.