Operation Earth at Jodrell Bank

This summer, we partnered up with the Association for Science and Discovery Centres and the Natural Environment Research Council to engage our visitors with a host of fun and fact-packed shows and activities exploring the world of environmental science.

Part of a two-year nationwide project, Operation Earth highlights the relevance of contemporary environmental science issues to everyone’s daily lives and to society’s future. We found it to be a wonderful way to celebrate our home planet alongside our friends and peers at great UK science centres including Eden Project, Natural History Museum, National Space Centre and many others.

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We’re proud to have contributed to this fantastic project by:

  • Delivering Operation Earth science shows to a total audience of over 7,000 children and young families, including at our award-winning festival of discovery, bluedot and in a dedicated autism-friendly show in partnership with New Leaf.
  • Providing 229 hours of hands-on Operation Earth activities for visitors to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre
  • Helping a host of children and young families create over 200 environmentally friendly plant pots to plant and grow their own wildflowers (with thanks to the Jodrell Bank garden volunteers!)
  • Presenting 5 special Meet the Expert sessions with environmental scientists.
  • Engaging a further 300 people with Operation Earth via outreach activities including at the University of Manchester’s Community Festival.
  • Giving out 70 Bee Backpack trails to visiting children to explore our gardens via fun bee-related games and activities
  • Inspiring over 2,500 Jodrell Bank visitors to make their own planet pledge! You can see a few of them, including some of ours, below.

A huge thanks to everyone that took part!