Launching the Dot Talks at Bluedot


As our Bluedot Festival nears (and we’re rushing around, frantically organising things….) the programme starting to shape up. We’re all very excited.

Bluedot will be a new feature in the UK’s summer season, and one that will have a unique place in the range of festivals on offer. We’re all very clear here why we are doing it – and it’s amazing to see so many of our colleagues across science, engineering and the ‘public engagement’ sector joining us for the weekend.

And one thing that we were very keen to do (obviously, as we’re at Jodrell Bank….) is to make sure that the festival has the most exciting, up-to-date and high calibre science programme we can create.

One element of this is the launch of a new series of ‘dot talks – where scientists will talk about their research, discuss their findings with the audience and answer questions (where they can!).

This will be a major feature of the festival each year, bringing science back into contact with people in their day-to-day lives and democratising access to new ideas and the creative and innovative people who carry out scientific research.

For our launch year, the series will include lots of our colleagues from across the University of Manchester (there are thousands of researchers here doing amazing work on issues that are important for the future of humanity).

Many talented and exciting researchers, writers and broadcasters are joining us for the festival from elsewhere too, bringing together people from places like the UK Space Agency, the BBC, the Institute of Physics, the UK’s Association of Science and Discovery Centres, STFC, NESTA’s Future Fest and, of course, ESOF 2016. This promises to be a festival unlike any other – and in the coming years we will be building this further. Watch this space. Watch the skies.

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Teresa Anderson
Tim O’Brien