Its ‘Black Hole’ Friday!

Amidst the frenzy of Black Friday, don’t forget to support the gift shop at Jodrell Bank. All profits raised from purchases in our shop are reinvested into supporting our mission to inspire the scientists of the future.

So, for our own pre-Christmas sale, which we’re calling ‘Black Hole’ Friday (of course), here’s a selection of our favourite items, all unique and exclusive to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre.

Jodrell Bank Constellations Umbrella

Sale Price: £20.00

Jodrell Bank hoody – Adult

Sale Price: £19.50

Jodrell Bank hoody – Child

Sale Price: £14.50

Jodrell Bank DIY Light-up Tote Bag Kit

Sale Price: £7.50

Gift Annual Pass

From: £16.50

Lovell Telescope Pin

New! £8.00

Lovell-y Christmas Cards

£2.90 / £5.85

Don’t forget, every purchase supports Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre.

Thank you.