Introducing the Star Field at Bluedot


Here at Jodrell Bank, part of our mission is to embed science as a normal part of our culture.  One of the ways in which we are doing this is via our new bluedot festival. The inspiration behind bluedot comes from a speech made by iconic scientist Carl Sagan at Cornell University, New York, in which he coined the phrase ‘pale blue dot’ to refer to our home planet, Earth.

The Bluedot festival invites you to camp out under the stars and to explore a stellar programme of music, science, arts, technology, culture, food and film. Bluedot’s mission is to entertain and inspire through a weekend of ground breaking encounters, including performances, DJ sets, comedy, talks, workshops and live experiments.

We at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre are particularly excited to present the Star Field – a space jam-packed with scientists from the University of Manchester showcasing their research to the festival attendees. You will discover a world of wonder and discuss the latest discoveries in the interactive, intergalactic Star Field, featuring tents and stalls packed with displays and interactions for all ages.

The following groups from the University of Manchester will be part of the Star Field:

You can find out more about what they’ll each be doing at

We are also including a plethora of scientists from the University of Manchester to deliver an innovative programme of dot talks.

As well as all this science there will be a whole host of other entertainment at the bluedot festival and we’re really looking forward to seeing you there in July.

Marieke Navin