‘House by Jodrell’, a poem by Alan Garner

Tomorrow evening we will open our new Star Pavilion with the inauguration of the Garner  Lectures – a programme that will explore the ways that science interacts with culture. The inaugural Lecture itself will be given by Alan Garner, the writer who has lent his name to the series.

Alan lives very close to our site and his work and life has been inextricably linked to Jodrell Bank since he moved here in 1957.

We are delighted, today, to be able to post a previously unpublished poem by Alan Garner, in anticipation of his lecture.



Across the field astronomers

Name stars.  Trains pass

The house, cows and summer.

Not much shows but that.

Winter, the village is distant,

The house older

Than houses and night than winter.

The line is not to London.

Unfound bones sing louder,

Stars lose names,

Cows fast in shippons wise

Not to be out.  I know

More by winter than by all the year.

And a night to kill a king is this night.


© Alan Garner