This section brings together the very latest posts related to scientific developments, heritage and cultural activities here at Jodrell Bank.


Tomorrow evening we will open our new Star Pavilion with the inauguration of the Garner  Lectures – a programme that will explore the ways that science interacts with culture. The inaugural Lecture itself will be given by Alan Garner, the writer who has lent his name to the series. Alan lives very close to our […]

  On Friday 20th March, the UK will be witness to a rare and beautiful astronomical event – a solar eclipse. Starting at around 8.30am (the exact times vary by a few minutes around the country) the Moon will slowly begin moving in front of the Sun, reaching maximum coverage by about 9.30am. Seen from […]

    At Jodrell Bank, the boundary between Science and Culture barely exists. In fact, it’s hard to find someone who works here who recognises the two as separate areas. Since the Lovell Telescope carried out its first scientific act – tracking the carrier rocket of Sputnik 1 in October 1957 – the site has […]

19 January, 2015

Science meets fiction

Comma Press had published a series of ‘real’ science fiction anthologies, and I’ve been lucky enough to contribute to all of them so far. The editor at Comma Press, Ra Page, did a physics and philosophy degree, and then an MA in English literature, so he has a brain hemisphere in each area, and fuses […]

This incredible image released today by the ALMA Observatory, is our best ever view of the formation of planets. I think it deserves to sit alongside images like the Hubble Deep Field and the Cosmic Microwave Background as one of the classic astronomy photos. What we see here is the disc of gas and dust […]

The Mark I Telescope at Jodrell Bank (now the Lovell Telescope) as it looked after completion in 1957.   11th October I’ve seen a few tweets today stating something along the lines of “On this day, 1957, the largest radio telescope in the world was switched on at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire.” I don’t know […]

TV programmes Jodrell Bank often features in factual TV programmes. In addition to hosting the popular BBC2 series of Stargazing Live, it has also featured recently in programmes such as Jim Alkhalili’s BBC series Light and Dark . Jodrell Bank has often been home to many items in the popular ‘Sky at Night’ series (e.g. […]

I arrived here at Jodrell in 2011, just after the completion of the UK’s first Galaxy Garden designed by TV gardener Chris Beardshaw. In conversations with Chris I learnt how he’d worked in collaboration with Professor Tim O’Brien to create a garden that would show the journey of our Universe from the Big Bang 14 […]

  All composers have a touch of the megalomaniac about them – it comes of believing they are thinking up new “sound-worlds” all the time. So when I got the opportunity to work with Jodrell Bank astronomers on a piece which tried to portray the creation of the universe, I jumped at the chance. In […]