Lovell Lecture: Dr. Meghan Gray

7 Dec, 2017 - 7 Dec, 2017

Thursday 7th December, 7:30pm

Untangling the cosmic web: The joys (and frustrations) of an observational astronomer
Dr. Meghan Gray

For our final Lovell Lecture of the year, Dr. Meghan Gray will talk about how she uses some of the most powerful telescopes on Earth (and in space) to dissect one particular corner of the universe: a supercluster of galaxies.

The aim of her research is to understand how structure in the Universe grows on the largest scales, as well as learning how the most crowded environments affect the galaxies inhabiting them.

In this fascinating talk, she’ll discuss the limitations she faces as an observational astronomer who is dependent on the photons the Universe sends her way – and how using supercomputers to simulate mock Universes can help us interpret the real one.

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