From Dark Matter to White Noise – A collaboration with Hondartza Fraga

image001_2Hondartza Fraga, Lovell’s Shadow, 2016. Kodak metallic paper, edition 25 +2 a/p. Limited edition prints £40 (unframed), proceeds to Macclesfield Barnaby Festival. Contact to pre-order; payment by BACS or cheque and collect at the festival. 

At Jodrell Bank, we find that it’s invariably interesting, challenging and illuminating to work with artists. We find new perspectives, entirely new frameworks for approaching and speaking about the world and the way in which science interrogates it – and many surprising overlaps and resonances.

As part of our new ‘First Light at Jodrell Bank’ project, we are bringing this into the heart of our approach to welcoming visitors to our site and engaging them with our work.

As we work through the development phase of the ‘First Light’ project, we are also exploring new partnerships and links to our surrounding communities. We are delighted to have been able to put one of these experimental partnerships in place with the Barnaby Festival, which runs every other year in Macclesfield, the nearest large town to Jodrell Bank. The festival was established in 2009, but draws a line back to the ‘Barnaby Fair’ that has reputedly taken place in Macclesfield in June since the 13th Century.

The partnership has taken the form of an artist residency at Jodrell Bank for Hondartza Fraga, a visual artist based between the UK and Spain.

The first element of Hondartza’s residency took place in February this year, when she was on site for the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the Luna 9 Space Hack in February 1966.

Hondartza was able to work with both some of the heritage images from the early days of Jodrell Bank and spend time photographing and drawing here, as well as speaking to visitors and staff.

The result is ‘From Dark Matter to White Noise’ – an exhibition of work provoked by Hondartza’s residency. Hondartza will be speaking about the exhibition on at the Barnaby Festival on Sun 26th June and at the bluedot festival in July.

We are also planning to display Hondartza’s artwork during our August Heritage celebrations this summer.

These activities were made possible by funding from the University of Manchester’s Art Science Collaboration Fund.