Building Information

Man 9 – Publication of building information

A basic description of the project and building

Two new Visitor and Exhibition Pavilions for the Jodrell Bank Radio Discovery Centre. The new Visitor and Exhibition Centre at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Site aims to expand and improve the visitor experience
for all age groups and to communicate the importance and relevance of the scientific research undertaken at this specific location to a wider audience.

BREEAM Rating and score


The key innovative and low-impact design features of the building

  • Low energy LED light fittings throughout whole scheme
  • Pre-fabricated façade cladding panels including whole wall build up of outer facing, insulation and inner lining
  • Air source heat pump for heating of main spaces
  • Natural ventilation

Basic Building Cost – £/m2

Building Cost £831/m2

Services Costs – £/m2

Services Cost £429/m2

ExternalWorks – £/m2

External Works Cost £443/m2

Gross floor area – m2

Planet Pavilion: 421 sqm
Space Pavilion: 567 sqm

Total area of site – hectares

Jodrell Bank Site Area: 35.14 ha
Project Construction Site area: 0.97 ha

Function areas and their size (m2)


Café / Restaurant: 63
Kitchen / Servery: 28
Shop: 27.0
Foyer: 64.4
Executive Office: 9.4
Staff Office: 34
Exhibition Introduction: 24.1
Exhibition: 59.3
WC Male: 8.2
WC Female: 12.9
WC Accessible: 3.7


Foyer: 15
Event Space: 146.4
Exhibition Space: 246.2
Classroom: 47.3
Education Office: 8.9
WC Female: 11.1
WC Male: 10.0
WC Accessible: 3.8

Area of circulation (m2)

Planet Pavilion: 58.8
Space Pavilion: 26.9

Area of storage (m2)


Plant Room: 3.8
Cleaners Store: 0.8


Event Store: 14.2
Shop Store: 13.2
Plant Room: 5.3

% area of grounds to be used by community (where relevant)


% area of buildings to be used by community (where relevant)

Planet Pavilion: 70 %
Space Pavilion: 90%

Predicted electricity consumption – kWh/m2

planet – elec = 64.0 kWh/m2/yr
space – elec = 48.2 kWh/m2/yr

Predicted fossil fuel consumption – kWh/m2


Predicted renewable energy generation – kWh/m2


kWh/m2/yr, renewable = 29.2 kWh/m2/yr (this is the saving from using ASHP compared with an oil boiler)


renewable = 17.4 kWh/m2/yr (this is the saving from using ASHP compared with an oil boiler)

Predicted water use – m3/person/year

Planet Pavilion :  3,650 m3 per annum.
For 100,000 visitors this equals : 0.0365m3/person/year

Space Pavilion : 1,277 m3 per annum.
For 100,000 visitor, this equals : 0.01277m3/person/year

% predicted water use to be provided by rainwater or greywater


The steps taken during the construction process to reduce environmental impacts, i.e. innovative construction management techniques

The project construction team used the following guidelines to structure their approach to environmental impacts :

  • Environmental Planning Procedure JT 4
  • Identification of Environmental Aspects Procedure JT 13
  • Environmental Risk Assessment SF.E01
  • Environmental Task Method statement 001 to 004
  • Section 3 Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety (QHSE) Policy

A list of any social or economically sustainable measures achieved/piloted.

  • Building designed to use small amount of energy for operation: high insulation and air tightness values, low energy light fittings (LED), naturally ventilated.
  • Independent café, operated by contracted caterer
  • Independent economic assessment indicates that the project will make a contribution of £27Million to the North West regional economy over the next decade.