Bluedot 2017 Line-up Announced

It’s a big day for us here at Jodrell Bank as the headline acts for the 2017 bluedot festival are announced. After an incredible debut outing last July, which saw us welcome nearly 15,000 festival-goers, we’ve been absolutely thrilled with the enormous public response to this annual festival of discovery.

We’ve celebrated awards success too, including prestigious AIF Awards for ‘Best New Festival’ and ‘Mind-Blowing Spectacle’ (for Brian Eno’s projection onto the Lovell Telescope), and we’ve also been delighted by its acclaimed critical reception across national and industry press.

“A boundary-breaking blend of science, music, and technology” The Guardian

This year, we look forward to welcoming to Jodrell Bank a host of new and returning musicians, scientists, and artists for an even bigger celebration of music, science and cosmic culture from 7th – 9th July.  You can see the line-up and book tickets on the Bluedot website here.

We’re particularly excited about presenting another series of engaging and inspiring talks from leading scholars from around the world. The popular DotTalks programme will include presentations about the latest innovations and discoveries in astrophysics and cosmology, as well as a programme of technology and culture-based talks. Highlights are set to include discussions with journalists and politicians on the rise of Fake News, and a look at the Dark Web and the impact of what takes place there.

The fun-packed Star Field will return too. This science marketplace, curated by us, and peppered with street food vendors, live experiments, performances, and science engagement activities, was hugely popular last year and proved to be great fun for families and young children.

Star Field -Photography by Howard Barlow

As we start the countdown to bluedot 2017, it’s also worth being reminded of the reasons why we wanted to create this incredible event, and of the inspiration behind the name for our festival.

The phrase ‘pale blue dot’ was first coined by legendary scientist and broadcaster Carl Sagan, as he described an image of our home planet, Earth, when viewed from space.

Awe-inspiring images of Earth in the vastness of space have become icons of human curiosity, celebrations of our advances and capabilities, and expressions of our creativity.

But, images of Earth also remind us that our planet is special, fragile, and that is must be cared for.  In an era of political divisiveness and environmental uncertainty, we believe that Bluedot can cultivate a unifying celebration for us all, as citizens of the world. -In the words of Carl Sagan, ‘look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us.’

Earthrise, NASA

We can’t wait. -See you in the summer!