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The original Lovell Telescope surface was made up of 7100 panels.
To reflect both this and the historic Jodrell Bank fundraising campaign in 1958, we are asking for 7100 ‘panel donations’.

With your help we can raise the £150,000 needed for our work on ‘First Light at Jodrell Bank’.

Our Story

This year, Jodrell Bank received HLF support for a £12.5m bid towards the First Light Project.This will conserve and celebrate the heritage of Jodrell Bank in order to inspire and support young people in realising their potential. Before we can begin this project we will need to raise £5.5m to match the HLF funding. To reach this ambitious target, we will be working with our funding partners and noted philanthropists. But this will only take us so far – we have a gap in our plans and are asking you to help. Donate now to fund this momentous project to preserve and interpret the heritage of the site for future generations.

How can you help?

In 1958, the Lovell Telescope was heavily in debt. The people of Great Britain stepped up and helped to raise £150,000 (a huge sum in those days) to support the new  British science of radio astronomy. People across the country, including many school children, sent in ‘pocket money donations’ (a few shillings or perhaps a pound or two). We also received letters showing a huge amount of support for Jodrell Bank and its work. 57 years later; we need your help again. We are launching a fundraising campaign to echo the campaign all those years ago. We are seeking to raise £150,000 from you, the people of Great Britain and further afield. Help us, join the community of funders and become part of the Jodrell Bank story

What are we doing?

As part of our public fundraising campaign we are launching the panel donations scheme. The original surface of the magnificent Lovell Telescope is made up of 7100 individual panels. Each of these panels will be removed and replaced as part of our conservation programme. Some of them will be incorporated into our exhibition and the fabric of our spectacular new First Light Pavilion.

We are asking for 7100 donations of £20. Could you make one or more panel donations and help us achieve our public fundraising goal of £150,000?

Why should you get involved?

The international significance of Jodrell Bank in the heritage of astronomy is unparalleled. Our story includes revolutionary scientific discoveries, amazing feats of post war engineering and the conception, creation and construction of what was then the largest steerable telescope in the world.

Jodrell Bank embodies a ‘can do’ approach to science and engineering. With your help we will tell the story of the amazing men and women who supported Sir Bernard Lovell’s endeavours and created the Observatory from scratch. Supporters of our ‘Build on the Past and Be Part of Our Future’ campaign will continue the legacy of public affinity with the site, a cornerstone of Jodrell Bank’s heritage.

More on how to donate

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Making a major gift

Major donors can choose to support the project at a range of levels, and even sponsor a specific area of the project. If you are interested in making a major gift to Jodrell Bank, or would like further information about ways to support our work, please contact us. Call 01477 571766 or email for further information.